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Together we can support art of Eurythmy!
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Eurythmy Wear is in the process of formation and is looking for new ways to interact and support eurythmy in the world!
Our new project, thanks to your support, will allow eurythmy projects and stage groups to acquire professional clothing, shoes and accessories for daily eurythmy work or for specific project or tour.

How it works?
We find a eurythmists who need support. We ask them what they need and collect the necessary information about the products. We place in this section the entire list of necessary products so that you can buy them for a specific stage group or project. After we collect a sufficient number of orders, or after the expiration of the company's deadline, we send the products to the project that we have chosen for support! All funds received from the sale are used to expand the product range and develop the brand Eurythmy Wear.

Let's develop Eurythmy together!

Grupo Euritmia Mexico Auriel is beginning its biography as a performing group in a country where eurythmy has not yet been established. The first generation of Mexican eurythmists will graduate in the Spring of 2022. We have been working hard at making eurythmy known within the Waldorf community, and the contemporary Arts community. Until some familiarity has been established it is almost impossible to fundraise for our new wardrobe in a country that has no experience of eurythmy.

Our resources are spread very thinly. Only a few of our students are able to afford the full training fees. Our fundraising efforts at this time are mostly going towards our bursary fund, so that we can accommodate those in need, whilst still being able to pay our teachers their minimal salary. We also need to fundraise for the traveling expenses of our mentors from eurythmy trainings in Europe and Brasil, and for the travel costs of the students' graduation trip to Dornach June 2022.

And yet, in spite of the fact that all of these other projects are needing to be funded, we cannot offer a beautiful eurythmy program without costumes. Will you please help us to lay the foundations for a costume cupboard? You will be helping to establish eurythmy as a new art form in Mexico.

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Products required by Auriel Eurythmy

Shoes, veils, rods and costumes
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