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Eurythmy slippers and shoes

Cotton and genuine leather
Natural comfort

Eurythmy Rods

Copper eurythmy rods made with a special shallow hammered technique!
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Eurythmy Wear brand

All eurythmy clothing and footwear is developed in a collaborative tandem of professional eurythmists, shoe masters, designers and craftspeople from different countries who have many years of experience in creating professional dance shoes, clothing and accessories.
Our products are made by hand and have a unique design. Each model is tested by stage eurythmists in constant practices, rehearsals, and performances. All products undergo thorough quality control and are guaranteed for up to three months.

We create professional shoes, clothing and accessories based on the organic nature of eurythmy plastics, which due to its organicity, lightness and comfort is also suitable for many other arts of movement!
We are proud of our products!
We use only natural and quality materials.The minimum amount of rubber (the thinnest sole) and polyester (rubber) and the rejection of plastic packagingmakes our products environmentally responsible.
Each model has its own carefully thought-out and unique design, which provides a special character and quality of movement.
Non-automated, high professional hand-made production and double quality control allows us to give a guarantee shoes up to 3 months.

Geography of our clients

Our brand is loved in more than 20 countries
around the world!
Russia /Finland/ Sweden / Norway / Denmark / Germany / England / Romania / Czech Republic / Slovenia / Austria / Switzerland / Ireland / Spain / Ukraine / Italy / Hungary / Poland / Canada / USA / Mexico /Argentina / Taiwan / Japan / Australia

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Eurythmy Wear
St. Petersburg brand, known in many countries of the world.
We create shoes, clothes and accessories for eurythmy and other movement practices

Stage activity:
Phone: +79500221159
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